Corrupt Priests.

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  • Song Name: Corrupt Priests
  • Artist: Fowey Fellowship
  • Album: Elisha - a life with meaning.
  • Year: 2011 (orig)

We have decided to add unto the life of Elisha, a mini series on the life of that great prophet Samuel.
When the Prophet Jeremiah was pleading and praying for his people who had strayed away from the Lord, God spoke to him in relation to pleading and prayers prayers. God had said "Pray not for this people, for their good." Jeremiah 14.11.
In his love for his beloved people Jeremiah continued to pray on their behalf, then God spoke to him again and gave a remarkable command. Even "though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be moved toward this people" Jer. 15.1.
God spoke so highly about these two great warriors who had laboured for Him.
Jeremiah must have been astounded.
One must wonder about our own testimony in the world and how God will judge us.
It is also interesting that when our Lord was transfigured before the three Apostles and Moses and Elijah appeared, they talked with the Lord Jesus "and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem" (Luke 9. 30.) what an amazing conversation and meeting to which these three apostles were privy!
The first talk is "Corrupt Priests". Can we see a parallel to some churches around today?