Milk is for Nourishment.

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  • Song Name: Milk is for Nourishment
  • Artist: Fowey Fellowship
  • Album: Deuteronomy - Third Part - A guide through the wilderness of life
  • Year: 2019 (orig 2008

An interesting note is added here that a young goat was not to be boiled in its mother's milk.

There was apparently a heathen practice to do this with associated pagan blessing rituals for crops end the like, so this was not to be copied.

The milk is intended as nourishment to the young of the animals, just as the Word of God is intended to nourish young believers (1 Pet. 2:2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:),

We need to nourish young believers in the Milk of the Word, not engulf them in it!

We should be careful how we use the Scriptures, for young believers need the nourishment and encouragement of God's Word. If we use the Word against them in a harsh, critical way, is this like boiling a kid in its mother's milk?